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    Washington Post Editorials: Latest Editorial and Editorial Archive

  • Labor Day means more than cookouts and back to school

    Editorial Board
    31 Aug 2014 | 3:49 pm
    A FEW YEARS ago a group of construction workers doing a major remake of a high school in Washington were eating lunch in the school parking lot when a teacher struck up a conversation with them. They were a little reluctant at first (their foremen had told them not to talk with the students, and they weren’t sure whether that applied to staff and faculty), but they were soon talking freely, not only about their work but, more indirectly, about the rancor some people in this country directed at them, not as people, but as a sort of national problem, vaguely defined, because they had come…
  • Putin’s propoganda keeps Russians in the dark about Ukraine and more

    Editorial Board
    31 Aug 2014 | 3:49 pm
    PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN, his bitter resentment at the Soviet empire’s collapse metastasized into seething Russian nationalism, has marginalized the political opposition, muzzled dissidents and intimidated independent voices in civil society. In prosecuting his widening war in Ukraine, he has also resurrected the tyranny of the Big Lie, using state-controlled media to twist the truth so grotesquely that most Russians are in the dark — or profoundly misinformed — about events in their neighbor to the west. Read full article >>
  • Medicaid expansion holdouts are ideologically

    Editorial Board
    31 Aug 2014 | 3:47 pm
    WE WOULD congratulate Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R), if it were seemly to commend public officials for doing the obvious. On Thursday, Mr. Corbett finalized a bargain with federal officials to expand Medicaid, the state-federal program that provides health-care coverage to low-income Americans, in Pennsylvania. Five hundred thousand needy Pennsylvanians stand to get care at almost no price to the state. Reform may even be revenue positive. Read full article >>
  • The miseducation of Bobby Jindal

    Editorial Board
    31 Aug 2014 | 6:40 am
    LOUISIANA GOV. Bobby Jindal’s efforts to withdraw his state from the Common Core State Standards were successfully rebuffed by members of his own administration. His attempted end-run to the courts was smacked down by a state judge who said the Republican governor’s actions were harmful to parents, teachers and students. That should have been the end of the matter, particularly with school starting, but sadly Mr. Jindal seems more intent on burnishing his conservative credentials for a presidential run than in serving the interests of students. Read full article >>
  • U.S. debt and deficits handcuff policy

    Editorial Board
    31 Aug 2014 | 6:40 am
    To govern is to choose. By that definition, the United States is not, at present, being governed. Or so one could reasonably conclude from the latest Congressional Budget Office assessment of the federal government’s fiscal condition, released last week. That document shows that the country remains on a path toward eventual fiscal crisis, because Congress and the Obama administration have failed to agree on a long-term plan to match current spending plans, most of which take effect automatically, with projected revenues. Read full article >>
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    seattlepi.com: Opinion & Commentary

  • Candace Calloway Whiting

    30 Aug 2014 | 3:23 pm
    Candace Calloway Whiting has studied and trained dolphins, seals, and orca whales. She is currently a volunteer at the Center for Whale Research at Friday Harbor.
  • J.A. Jance

    29 Aug 2014 | 6:00 am
    J.A. Jance is the New York Times bestselling author of both the J. P. Beaumont series and the Joanna Brady Series. She has written 40 novels and she has more than 10 million copies of her books in print. Visit her Web site: JAJance.com.
  • Robert A. Brown

    27 Aug 2014 | 12:55 pm
    Just another weblog
  • The Woman Citizen

    25 Aug 2014 | 8:54 pm
    Speaking to men and women as citizens, co-equal in responsibility for our country and the various messes our government has gotten us into.
  • Dr. Jim Taylor

    25 Aug 2014 | 10:38 am
    Dr. Jim Taylor is internationally recognized for his work in the psychology of business, sport, and parenting. Jim is the author or editor of ten books and hundreds of scholarly and popular articles, and speaks to and consults with businesses, athletes and sports teams, and schools throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East. To learn more, visit www.drjimtaylor.com.
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  • Frank Denton: The best way to fight crime

    29 Aug 2014 | 3:27 pm
    You know those children I keep intruding into your Sunday breakfast? The ones I call Jacksonville’s biggest problem? They have been described here as assembly-line manufactured by our urban pathologies, starting with absent or dysfunctional parents, a stressed and unsupportive community, then school failure, and ending up on the street, into drugs and crime, arrest and imprisonment, or early death. Turn to the Metro section, and you’ll likely find two or three more in the police briefs. We send another one to prison about every working day. read more
  • Saturday's Letters: Seriously, is there any logical reason to wear a tie?

    29 Aug 2014 | 2:28 pm
    WOMEN’S VOTING RIGHTS Be an informed voter Tuesday was the 94th anniversary of the constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote. The League of Women Voters of Jacksonville First Coast is marking this historic occasion through its work to engage and empower all voters to participate this year. League members are committed to making sure voters have the information to participate in elections and ensure their votes count. In Northeast Florida, we host voter registration drives, offer ballot amendment presentations. read more
  • Ron Littlepage: Let's not nitpick the new Landing plan to death

    Ron Littlepage
    29 Aug 2014 | 1:53 pm
    Toney Sleiman’s new plan for The Jacksonville Landing will be thoroughly debated in the weeks ahead. There’s much to like in his proposal, beginning with tearing down what’s there and starting over. That will allow a view corridor along Laura Street that will connect downtown to the St. Johns River. The current Landing was built with its back to downtown, which never made sense. The new plan also would increase the public space along the river four-fold from 20,000 square feet to 89,000 square feet. read more
  • Guest column: Jacksonville's Muslim community is proud, patriotic

    Waqas A. Khan
    29 Aug 2014 | 1:48 pm
    Fridays are busy at the Islamic Center of Jacksonville. Thousands arrive with their families to offer the afternoon prayers in congregation. Inside the main office of the red domed structure, an American flag greets visitors. While many Muslims the world over blame America for much of what is wrong in their countries, the more than 10,000 Muslims of Jacksonville believe no other country would give them as much freedom as America. “America protects my rights. It allows me religious freedom,” said Nasrullah Butt, who migrated from Pakistan 35 years ago. read more
  • Sunday's Letters: Florida must act to prevent drug overdoses

    29 Aug 2014 | 12:08 pm
    ABSENTEE BALLOTS Great service Kudos to Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland for personally delivering absentee ballots to me and my husband. After realizing that we had not received our absentee ballots, I called the elections office and found that our ballots had been mailed over a month ago. Yet we hadn’t received them. I was informed that it was too late to have them mailed because the deadline had been the day before. I spoke with Holland. And that same day, he personally delivered ballots to our home. read more
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    Opinion - Orlando Sentinel

  • Update power lines -- bury them

    31 Aug 2014 | 9:00 pm
    I learned a long time ago that if you do something "on-the-cheap," someone always ends up paying for it in the long run. As an example: If I buy cheap shoes, they will end up hurting my feet and probably end up falling apart. But, that's on me.
  • Condos, Scott, and loss: Letters

    31 Aug 2014 | 9:00 pm
    Don't salvage condos
  • What a difference these teachers made: Letters

    30 Aug 2014 | 9:00 pm
    Citizen of the world
  • 'Hands off my Medicare' won't close shortfall: Editorial

    30 Aug 2014 | 9:00 pm
    When Paul Ryan, the 2012 Republican nominee for vice president, toured Florida recently to promote his new book, he wasn't just greeted by fans. Protesters summoned by the Democratic Party and allied groups showed up to accuse the House budget chief of planning to dismantle Medicare, the federal health program for seniors.
  • Why the need for partisan elections?: My Word

    30 Aug 2014 | 9:00 pm
    This November, Orange County residents are going to vote on a charter amendment which would make County Commission seats partisan and move the mayoral election to coincide with the presidential election cycle instead of the mid-term cycle. The voters have to ask themselves why.
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    Arkansas Online stories: Opinion and Letters*

  • All that jazz

    Bradley R. Gitz
    1 Sep 2014 | 12:44 am
    Although I grew up listening to what is today called "classic rock," I began to gradually lose interest in it by the early 1980s or so--David Bowie's Let's Dance was probably the last rock album I remember taking home and playing over and over again.
  • Letters

    1 Sep 2014 | 12:44 am
    The way to afford it
  • Teacher, rock star

    Will Chesher Special to the Democrat-Gazette
    1 Sep 2014 | 12:43 am
    On August 18th I began my second year as a high school English teacher in Hope, Ark. I never envisioned that I'd live in the birthplace of a past president, but then again, I never envisioned myself becoming a teacher.
  • A misplaced Ebola priority

    HENRY L. MILLER Los Angeles Times
    1 Sep 2014 | 12:41 am
    The World Health Organization is nothing if not opportunistic, impulsively jumping on every public health issue that makes the front page. And it always calls for lots more money to throw at the disease-of-the-month. The latest on the WHO's radar is the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, which has tallied about 1,500 cases. To address it, WHO wants more than $430 million--from governments, development banks, the private sector and in-kind contributions.
  • Lower the rates--now

    <StaffMember: Charles Krauthammer>
    1 Sep 2014 | 12:41 am
    The Obama administration is highly exercised about "inversion," the practice by which an American corporation acquires a foreign company and moves its headquarters out of the U.S. to benefit from lower tax rates abroad.
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  • Mercury News editorial: Kansen Chu for Assembly District 25

    <p class="Byline">Mercury News Editorial</p>
    29 Aug 2014 | 6:50 pm
    Assembly District 25 stretches from North San Jose into Alameda County and has the second-highest concentration of Asian-Americans of any district in California. It has had mediocre representation from Bob Wieckowski. We hope for more from San Jose Councilman Kansen Chu, the Democratic heir apparent and the better candidate left from a crowded primary field of four Democrats and one Republican, Bob Brunton, his runoff opponent. On the city council, Chu has mostly toed the party lines of Democrats and labor, which are indistinguishable in Santa Clara County. But he is a serious…
  • Mercury News editorial: Bag ban's another California first we'll be proud of

    <p class="Byline">Mercury News Editorial</p>
    29 Aug 2014 | 6:44 pm
    Appliance efficiency, gas mileage standards -- and now a ban on one-time-use plastic bags. California once again sets the pace for the nation in improving the environment and, by the way, people's lives. Despite an outrageously cynical last-minute lobbying blitz, the Legislature came through last week. When Gov. Jerry Brown signs the bill, the Golden State will be the first to go plastic bagless. Hats off to Sen. Alex Padilla, who persevered after his visionary bill failed last year, and to Sen. Kevin de Leon, who voted no back then but fulfilled his promise to work with Padilla and pass…
  • Mercury News editorial: If you liked Prop 103, pass Prop 45

    <p class="Byline">Mercury News Editorial</p>
    29 Aug 2014 | 6:40 pm
    Californians passed Proposition 103 in 1987, regulating auto insurance rates and saving drivers tens of billions of dollars over 25 years. California's drivers have enjoyed some of the lowest auto insurance rates in the nation because of this law.Proposition 45 gives voters the opportunity to accomplish the same goal for health insurance, as 35 other states already do. Voters should approve it.Prop 45 requires that health insurance companies justify rate increases and gain the state insurance commissioner's approval before enacting them. Now the commissioner only can review and comment on…
  • Mercury News editorial: Sen. Lieu to the rescue of overdrugged foster kids

    <p class="Byline">Mercury News Editorial</p>
    29 Aug 2014 | 10:14 am
    Exposing serious societal problems is always better than turning your head. Always. That's why staff writer Karen de Sá has spent nearly a year on research to bring to light the excessive use of powerful psychiatric drugs to control the behavior of California's foster children. But shining light on a problem doesn't automatically change anything. That takes a public outcry and ideally a champion with the power to bring about change.So thank you, Sen. Ted Lieu.The Redondo Beach Democrat heads the committee that oversees the state medical board. At his request, the board is investigating…
  • Mercury News editorial: Income gap isn't somebody else's problem

    <p class="Byline">Mercury News Editorial</p>
    28 Aug 2014 | 5:07 pm
    In his wonderful "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" trilogy, the late Douglas Adams delivered insights into the human condition wrapped in science fiction hilarity. One of our favorite conceits, in the third book, is the technology of making anything invisible -- even a huge mountain -- by enveloping it in an S.E.P. field.Somebody Else's Problem.The poverty in Silicon Valley and, more to the point, the slipping away of the middle class is all but invisible in places like Palo Alto and Saratoga, on the private streets of Santana Row -- no worries about the homeless camping there -- and…
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    Toledo Blade Latest Headlines

  • Va. police: Girl, 2, left in a van, dies

    1 Sep 2014 | 11:18 am
    ROANOKE, Va.  — Police say a 2-year-old girl who was left in a van for an extended period of time has died in Virginia.
  • Death toll in Paris blast reaches 8

    1 Sep 2014 | 11:15 am
    PARIS  — The death toll in the partial collapse of a four-story apartment building in a Paris suburb has risen to eight after emergency crews pulled the bodies of a man and a woman from the rubble.
  • Actress says nude pictures stolen, leaked

    1 Sep 2014 | 10:00 am
    LOS ANGELES  — Jennifer Lawrence has contacted authorities to investigate who stole and posted nude images of the Oscar winner online, a publicist for the actress said.
  • Austrian police net gang dealing fake drugs

    1 Sep 2014 | 9:39 am
    VIENNA — Austrian police have announced the breakup of an international gang dealing in phony health products and say insufficient postage provided the major lead.
  • Dutch to send 100 troops to Afghanistan

    1 Sep 2014 | 9:36 am
    THE HAGUE, Netherlands  — The Dutch government says it plans to send 100 troops to northern Afghanistan as part of a NATO mission due to start in 2015, when the alliance’s combat mission in the war-weary nation ends.
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    TribLIVE Opinion Stories RSS Feed

  • Labor Day 2014: Why we work

    31 Aug 2014 | 7:00 pm
    (Editor’s note: On this Labor Day 2014, a reprint of a classic Trib editorial.) Work can be dreary, draining, frustrating — sometimes it is a ...
  • Greensburg’s been great

    31 Aug 2014 | 7:00 pm
    I wish to take this opportunity to thank the office of the mayor and the police, firefighters and all the others who serve the City ...
  • It’s Labor Day, not Union Day

    31 Aug 2014 | 7:00 pm
    Most Americans realize that Labor Day is about celebrating workers and their contribution to our free society. But that won’t stop union bosses from stealing ...
  • Fostering young scientists

    31 Aug 2014 | 7:00 pm
    I applaud the recognition that the Trib has given to young scientists in our community. I write to describe the environment which has fostered these ...
  • LCB & pensions

    31 Aug 2014 | 7:00 pm
    The authors of the column “The great Pennsylvania liquor swindle” did a good job of explaining what a costly, inefficient enterprise the state liquor system ...
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    The News Tribune -- Opinion

  • Can Republicans ride tailwind to Senate majority?

    1 Sep 2014 | 1:37 pm
    Republicans have the advantages of a friendly turf, the history of this political cycle – which favors the party that doesn’t hold the White House – and the waning popularity…Click to Continue »
  • The renaissance of the New West

    1 Sep 2014 | 11:19 am
    Hope is the thing with feathers, Emily Dickinson said. On the Elwha, hope is the red flash of sockeye in a river wild again.Click to Continue »
  • When whites just don’t get it

    1 Sep 2014 | 11:13 am
    A 2011 study by scholars at Harvard and Tufts found that whites, on average, believed that anti-white racism was a bigger problem than anti-black racism.Click to Continue »
  • The Medicare miracle

    1 Sep 2014 | 11:07 am
    Something remarkable has been happening on the health-spending front, and it should (but probably won’t) transform a lot of our political debate.Click to Continue »
  • This Labor Day, 10 truths about day jobs

    1 Sep 2014 | 12:00 am
    1. Never look down on somebody who holds a job and rides the bus to the end of the line. These are the people who labor their whole lives but…Click to Continue »
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    Comment is free | The Guardian

  • The Guardian view on David Camerons hastily concocted anti-terror plans | Editorial

    1 Sep 2014 | 12:11 pm
    The prime minister sounded calm enough discussing the generalities of the Islamic State threat. But his specific proposals smacked of panicOn Friday, the prime minister talked about a greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before, hinting that parliament should be ready to grant sweeping anti-terror powers commensurate with the Islamic State emergency. There is a real threat, but the pitch was questionable, because as Paddy Ashdown pointed out at the weekend Britain lived for decades under the shadow of the IRA, which, with the volume of traffic across the Irish Sea, was…
  • The Guardian view on the Plebgate report | Editorial

    1 Sep 2014 | 12:09 pm
    Nobody was blameless in the spiteful spat in Downing Street. But the Police Federation should drop its libel action against Andrew MitchellIt is two years since the 46-second altercation in Downing Street that was to become Plebgate. Neither the former chief whip Andrew Mitchell nor members of the diplomatic protection group (DPG) behaved well. Mr Mitchell should have swallowed his pride and wheeled his bike into Whitehall by a side gate. The police should have shown the professional discipline and discretion to be expected from those who guard the prime minister.Neither of them did the…
  • In praise of fractions | Editorial

    1 Sep 2014 | 12:09 pm
    Young children, familiar with the sharing of cakes, have an instinctive understanding of halving, quartering and so on. It is good that they will now start learning formal fractions earlierChildren habitually use fractions before they have ever heard the term. Like the Molière character who discovers that he has been talking prose all his life but didnt know it, they instinctively halve, quarter and otherwise estimate quantity when counting down, for instance, to a much anticipated fourth birthday or when approaching round things that are to be eaten, such as pizzas and cakes. One of…
  • The new football season is kicking off but for me, the romance is long gone | Liam Williams

    Liam Williams
    1 Sep 2014 | 12:00 pm
    I did my pre-season training, watching meaningless matches and poring over squad lists, but come September, I'm faced with the truth: I just don't care very muchTwo weeks into the new Premier League season and I've already lost interest. I'm sick as a parrot about it, too, because I desperately wanted to get into it this time.Each year on the cusp of August and September, perhaps as a residual effect of the rhythms of the academic calendar, I get introspective and make resolutions. And just as certainly as I'll buy a new copy of War and Peace or think about volunteering at my nearest homeless…
  • And so the Great British Railway Rake-Off rolls on | Aditya Chakrabortty

    Aditya Chakrabortty
    1 Sep 2014 | 10:30 am
    Network Rails £34bn debt has helped private companies to make huge profits. And now were ordered to pick up the billCongratulations, dear reader! As of this morning, you have racked up an extra £539 in debt. No, you havent just bought a new wardrobe. You havent made a deposit on a winter break. And its not because of that heavy eBay session where you overbid for a signed Bulgarian copy of Wet Wet Wets first LP.Nor are you alone. Im another 539 quid in the red too as are each of the other 63 million Britons. Put all those sums together and the entire country has just lost £34bn.
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    Insight & Opinion feed

  • Concerted action needed on red tides

    1 Sep 2014 | 1:49 pm
    Hong Kong has decades of data about red tides. Scientists have done much research into the algal blooms that cause them and have identified the types that are harmful to sea life, the fishing industry and health.
  • At least we now know where we stand

    1 Sep 2014 | 1:49 pm
    One country, two systems is as much about substance as appearance. We can argue till we are blue in the face about to what extent it still actually underpins Hong Kong-mainland relations.
  • Due diligence by IPO sponsors paramount

    1 Sep 2014 | 1:49 pm
    The recent case of Fujian Nuoqi is a reminder of why the SFC wanted to amend the law to make sponsors of initial public offerings criminally liable for defective prospectuses that mislead investors.
  • Who said it?

    1 Sep 2014 | 1:49 pm
    Lawyers are like Hong Kong people, many of whom are the silent majority. But this does not mean they don't care about judicial independence New Law Society president Stephen Hung Wan-shun
  • Talking points

    1 Sep 2014 | 1:49 pm
    Ebola exercise in Hong Kong
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    Le Monde diplomatique - English edition

  • China's economic empire

    Christophe Ventura
    1 Sep 2014 | 9:47 am
    Latin America wants money and credit that doesn't originate in the US, and China needs primary products. It should be a fair deal, but it isn't working out quite that way Bolivia's first ever communications satellite, the Tupac Katari (TKSAT-1), was carried into orbit last December by a Chinese Long March 3B rocket. China Network Television (CNTV) covered the launch, which clearly moved President Evo Morales. This event illustrates the closer diplomatic, economic and technological links (...) - 2014/09 / Open access, 2014/09 - Americans canal routes
  • A place in the sun

    Laurent Cordonnier
    28 Aug 2014 | 8:34 am
    Speculating on café seats, or purchasing anonymity — is this the shape of the future?When Smithsky arrived at the Brokers' Café at around 6.30, there were still a few empty seats on the terrace. Before sitting down, he checked the information kiosk. The last few seats were still on offer at the issue price for the afternoon session — £150 — more than yesterday (demand increased almost automatically in spring), but according to the calendar there were still a good three hours of nominal sunshine to (...) - 2014/09 / Password
  • City of walls

    Nael Shama
    28 Aug 2014 | 8:34 am
    Since the Arab Spring, the walls have gone up in Cairo. They can't keep the future out or the people in. Cities talk, smile, frown, wail and rejoice, but their language can be only heard by those who care to listen. A city's architecture and art, planning and design, streets and traffic, houses and shacks, signs and billboards, advertisements and banners, all speak about its identity. Old Cairo became Egypt's capital city in the 10th century, though the current downtown area was built in the (...) - 2014/09 / Open access
  • Service industry

    Mona Chollet
    28 Aug 2014 | 8:34 am
    A new French bill to fine men for paying for sex has reopened the debate on decriminalising prostitution. Why do many feminists and socialists now ignore economic and gender inequality to defend sex work as liberating? The Swedish journalist Kajsa Ekis Ekman says the lobby to decriminalise prostitution have an answer for everyone. They tell socialists that a prostitute is a worker who should be in a union, they tell neoliberals that prostitution is about free choice and prostitutes are (...) - 2014/09 / Password
  • You know that we know that you know

    Clarice Victor
    28 Aug 2014 | 8:34 am
    Management consultancies are more and more resorting to an ethos of play-acting, cynicism and detachment; and this can lead to the rewarding of unethical behaviour. A video on the website of the Parisian management consultancy Stanwell shows “Paul”, a young recruitment officer, practising his interview technique . The candidate is represented by a powerful fan that scatters the papers on the desk; Paul himself struggles against the wind. The commentary's tone issatirical: “Stanwell's (...) - 2014/09 / Password
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  • 3 children die in knife attack at Chinese elementary school

    1 Sep 2014 | 2:34 pm
    BEIJING—A 40-year-old man stabbed students and teachers with a fruit knife at an elementary school in central China on Monday, killing three children and injuring six other people before jumping to his death, officials said.The attack on the first day after summer break injured five other children and one teacher at Dongfang primary school in Yunxi county in Hubei province, they said.Two students were hospitalized with serious injuries, said Deng Yunshan, a government official in Chengguan, the township where the school is located.The assailant jumped to his death from a fourth-floor…
  • Labour Day parade 2014: family fun and teachable moments

    1 Sep 2014 | 2:19 pm
    Not to be outshone by the last hurrah of the Canadian National Exhibition, the Labour Day parade entertained throngs of families Monday along its Queen St. promenade.A trio of young helmeted brothers riding scooters zipped along with the marchers. A man in a Spidey suit sped down the street on a skateboard yelling “Friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!”But it wasn’t all fun and games.Though the parade may seem less dire than Labour Days past — when workweeks often hit 66 hours and children under 14 laboured opposite men and women — it still offered some…
  • Eugenie Bouchard eliminated at U.S. Open

    1 Sep 2014 | 2:09 pm
    NEW YORK—Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard was eliminated from the U.S. Open Monday.The 20-year-old from Westmount, Que., dropped a 7-6, 6-4 decision to Ekaterina Makarova in the fourth round.In muggy air and with temperature above 30C, a trainer checked Bouchard’s blood pressure and rubbed plastic bags of ice on her shoulders, arms and legs during the changeover after the second set’s fifth game.When action resumed, Bouchard got broken right away to trail 4-2. She broke Makarova and pulled even, but got broken at love in the final game to end it.MORE TO COME
  • Quebec elementary school bans homework

    1 Sep 2014 | 2:07 pm
    MONTREAL— Students at a Quebec elementary school may be some of the happiest in the country as they prepare for another year in the classroom.Collège de Saint-Ambroise, a school of 339 students in the province’s Saguenay region, has introduced a near-complete ban on homework.Every class from Grade 1 to 6 will take part in the one-year pilot project.Marie-Eve Desrosiers, a spokeswoman with the Jonquiere School Board, said the goal is to ease pressure on parents and even improve student performance.She explained that teachers will still be allowed to assign studying and…
  • Canada talks tough on Ukraine, but cuts $2.7-billion from defence in 2015

    1 Sep 2014 | 1:48 pm
    OTTAWA— Stephen Harper has been one of the toughest-talking leaders throughout the Ukraine crisis, yet newly released figures show National Defence is expected to face an even deeper budget hole in the coming year than previously anticipated.The ongoing reductions come as the primse minister is expected to resist pressure from allies at this week’s NATO summit to spend substantially more on the military.Annual spending on the military, when compared with 2011, is slated to shrink by a total of $2.7-billion in 2015, according to a briefing note prepared for the deputy defence…
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    Project Syndicate RSS-Feed

  • Let the Middle East Govern Itself

    Jeffrey D. Sachs
    1 Sep 2014 | 10:05 am
    The West's interventions have consistently destabilized the Middle East, while causing massive suffering in the affected countries. It is time for the US and other powers to allow the Middle East to govern itself in line with national sovereignty and the United Nations Charter.
  • Why Israel?

    Shlomo Ben-Ami
    1 Sep 2014 | 8:50 am
    The grotesque coupling of solidarity with Palestine and anti-Jewish invective seems to have forged a politically correct form of anti-Semitism that is drowning out legitimate criticism of Israel's policies in Gaza. Why does Israel’s controversial behavior, unlike that of other countries, call into question its right to exist?
  • Down with Dengism

    Minxin Pei
    1 Sep 2014 | 6:30 am
    China has held a series of high-profile ceremonies honoring the 110th anniversary of former leader Deng Xiaoping’s birth. But, though Deng deserves appreciation for having brought China back from the abyss of Maoism, his authoritarian development model is impeding China’s prospects.
  • Democracy in the Twenty-First Century

    Joseph E. Stiglitz
    1 Sep 2014 | 3:30 am
    The economist Thomas Piketty’s forecast of still higher levels of inequality does not reflect the inexorable laws of economics. Indeed, the main question today is not really about capital in the twenty-first century; it is about democracy in the twenty-first century.
  • Abenomics, European-Style

    Nouriel Roubini
    31 Aug 2014 | 8:00 am
    Two years ago, Shino Abe’s election as Japan’s prime minister led to the advent of “Abenomics,” a three-part plan to rescue the economy from a treadmill of stagnation and deflation. It now appears that the European Central Bank has a similar plan in store for the eurozone.
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    Baby Bummers Cartoons

  • Reinvention:The Mother of Necessity

    29 Aug 2014 | 12:23 pm
    “Gloria kicks off Labor Day weekend by quitting, updating LinkedIn and re-imagining her life.” The post Reinvention:The Mother of Necessity appeared first on Baby Bummers Cartoons.
  • Power of Now

    28 Aug 2014 | 9:42 am
    “Spotting Halloween candy & flu shots…. Mona decides she will not be fast -forwarded into fall.” The post Power of Now appeared first on Baby Bummers Cartoons.
  • Mood Swinger

    27 Aug 2014 | 11:09 am
    “At 3:30 a.m Sheila decides to get up and bitch at the moon.” The post Mood Swinger appeared first on Baby Bummers Cartoons.
  • Stream-On

    26 Aug 2014 | 11:07 am
    “Larry quits his job to become a professional binge-watcher.” The post Stream-On appeared first on Baby Bummers Cartoons.
  • Vap-O-Rub

    25 Aug 2014 | 11:31 am
    “Vaping is one thing – But liver & cheese?” The post Vap-O-Rub appeared first on Baby Bummers Cartoons.
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    31 Aug 2014 | 11:00 pm
    GLOBAL. Following the success of the inaugural Education Series, ROOSTERGNN publishes a new Special Series focused on freedom of expression. As the founding value of ROOSTERGNN itself, freedom of expression is an issue that concerns each and every one of us – whether we are political journalists fighting to expose atrocities or civilians posting our opinions on the Internet, it is a fundamental human right. Free speech was officially recognized by the United Nations in 1948, in Article 19 of the International Declaration of Human Rights. Without casting any legal obligation, the…
  • En las entrañas de la Selva Negra

    María S. Olmo
    27 Aug 2014 | 3:33 am
    FRIBURGO, ALEMANIA. Puede que el ser humano sea nómada por naturaleza, por puro placer o por la satisfacción de descubrir como primerizos esos rincones del planeta ignorando lo que en su destino encontrará. Cada viaje ensancha la experiencia y cada camino nos regala nuevos ojos a través de los que mirar. Este es el reflejo de los míos sumergidos en el corazón de la Selva Negra Alemana. Comenzamos por su arteria aorta. La preciosa ciudad de Friburgo de Brisgovia se erige a los pies de este complejo montañoso y está en el cuarto puesto según número de habitantes dentro del Estado…
  • First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage?

    Abby Concha
    26 Aug 2014 | 2:23 am
    U.S.A. With the average number of divorces at an all time low, the number of marriages is following the same decline, according to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and NCHS National Vital Statistics System. What does that study mean for Americans? In a poll by Pew Research Center, 44 percent of Americans ages 18-29 believe that marriage is becoming obsolete. The older age groups saw a slight decrease in pessimism, but not very much. Therefore, more and more Americans are avoiding divorce and marriage all together. Are Americans becoming more pessimistic about…
  • Sunset Walk in Chicago

    25 Aug 2014 | 6:38 am
    The post Sunset Walk in Chicago appeared first on ROOSTERGNN.
  • Your Move, Putin

    Maryum Alam
    24 Aug 2014 | 11:21 pm
    RUSSIA. Last month’s downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) in Eastern Ukraine has been something of a game changer for Russian President Vladimir V. Putin. The flight was brought down by what is now suspected to be a Russian-made anti-aircraft missile, fired by pro-Russian separatists. The details of the actual mechanism by which the rebels downed the plane seem fuzzy, but the most likely explanation is that they did so mistaking it for Ukrainian military aircraft. These actions have only solidified suspicions by many in the international community of Putin’s support of the…
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  • Is “the state” JUST the Government? Or is There Something More Creating our Ways of Life?

    Christopher B. King
    29 Aug 2014 | 6:32 am
    One point where I seem to split from many of my friends who call themselves “anti-government,” market capitalists, and even anti-capitalists to some extent, is that I apply the term “State” to include not just the government, but also all industry that directs technological and infrastructural developments (like car/oil companies for example) which depends on […]
  • A Night in the Desert with Cops and Bodies All Around

    Christopher B. King
    27 Aug 2014 | 2:58 pm
    I know how to act around the guys with guns that are protected by badges just like I know how to act around a potentially dangerous dog. Don’t make sudden movements, don’t turn your back, DON’T KEEP YOUR HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS. Simple stuff really. But the key is that you cannot LOOK like you […]
  • Thoughts on Robin – Depression Sucks

    Christopher B. King
    22 Aug 2014 | 3:35 pm
    Facebook post of Mark Pitta August 22, 2014 Fuck you, depression. Fuck you for taking my friend. Fuck you for being the only ailment where no advancement in treatment has been found. May you burn in hell depression…oh that’s right…you are hell. Depression is a table for one. Depression is a silent killer. Depression took […]
  • “Ecuador ‘BANS’ Bitcoin” Well…. Not Exactly

    Christopher B. King
    25 Jul 2014 | 12:32 pm
    As far as I can read, that’s not quite the case and coindesk is overstating a bit. I’m reserving further judgment for a few days to see what the fallout, further explanations, or wider reactions will be. But I will say this, most Ecuadorians have not even heard of bitcoin yet and most won’t understand […]
  • Why I’m A Bitcoiner by Justin O’Connell

    Christopher B. King
    20 Jul 2014 | 5:33 pm
    This is a great post to Max Keiser’s blog by Justin O’Connell of Goldsilverbitcoin.com answering the question many of us get asked, “Why are you into bitcoin?” Earthbus.org has a great history with goldsilverbitcoin.com, not only have we ordered many ounces of silver from them, we had such a great experience with them, we’re also an affiliate. […]
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