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  • Helping inmates learn behind bars

    Washington Post Editorials: Latest Editorial and Editorial Archive
    Editorial Board
    26 Aug 2015 | 5:28 pm
    “EDUCATION IS our primary hope for rehabilitating prisoners. Without education, I am afraid most inmates leave prison only to return to a life of crime.” Those were the words in 1994 of Sen. Claiborne Pell (D-Rhode Island) as he argued against legislation making inmates ineligible for the college grants that bore his name. Pell lost that fight, but the failures of the country’s lock-’em-up approach have proved the wisdom of his words. We hope Congress gets on board with Obama administration plans for a pilot program to award limited numbers of inmates Pell grants to take college…
  • Making college more expensive: Our view

    USATODAY - Opinion
    27 Aug 2015 | 8:47 am
    Democrats' proposals do little to rein in costs.         
  • Editorial: The New Orleans Jails, 10 Years Later

    NYT > Opinion
    27 Aug 2015 | 1:06 pm
    Since Katrina, the city, remarkably, is making real progress toward a smaller, more humane jail system.
  • Will America finally do something to stop our gun-fueled carnage?

    Washington Post Editorials: Latest Editorial and Editorial Archive
    Editorial Board
    26 Aug 2015 | 5:08 pm
    THE SUSPECT in Wednesday’s fatal shooting of two television journalists during a live broadcast in Southwest Virginia was apparently inspired to lash out by June’s racially motivated church massacre in Charleston, S.C., a fact that only compounds both tragedies. Read full article >>
  • Giving College Administrators a Business Education

    WSJ.com: Opinion
    26 Aug 2015 | 3:35 pm
    When state funding at the University of Colorado began drying up, we quickly found cuts that saved millions.
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    Washington Post Editorials: Latest Editorial and Editorial Archive

  • Helping inmates learn behind bars

    Editorial Board
    26 Aug 2015 | 5:28 pm
    “EDUCATION IS our primary hope for rehabilitating prisoners. Without education, I am afraid most inmates leave prison only to return to a life of crime.” Those were the words in 1994 of Sen. Claiborne Pell (D-Rhode Island) as he argued against legislation making inmates ineligible for the college grants that bore his name. Pell lost that fight, but the failures of the country’s lock-’em-up approach have proved the wisdom of his words. We hope Congress gets on board with Obama administration plans for a pilot program to award limited numbers of inmates Pell grants to take college…
  • An archeological jewel in Syria is razed by Islamic militants

    Editorial Board
    26 Aug 2015 | 5:23 pm
    THE SCALE of destruction in Syria’s four-year-old uprising is so vast, and the extent of carnage and suffering so appalling, that individual massacres and acts of devastation are easily lost in the barrage of daily news. As Stalin is supposed to have said: A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.Read full article >>
  • Will America finally do something to stop our gun-fueled carnage?

    Editorial Board
    26 Aug 2015 | 5:08 pm
    THE SUSPECT in Wednesday’s fatal shooting of two television journalists during a live broadcast in Southwest Virginia was apparently inspired to lash out by June’s racially motivated church massacre in Charleston, S.C., a fact that only compounds both tragedies. Read full article >>
  • China should tread carefully in the South China Sea

    Editorial Board
    25 Aug 2015 | 5:05 pm
    THE PENTAGON has laid down a fresh marker against China’s worrisome land reclamation effort in the South China Sea. In a congressionally mandated report published last week, the Defense Department outlined a strategy for maritime security in the Asia-Pacific that attempts to counter China’s provocative behavior. The real tests will come later, but they are clearly coming. Read full article >>
  • Republicans should stop wasting time attacking Planned Parenthood

    Editorial Board
    25 Aug 2015 | 5:00 pm
    THE ANTIABORTION movement seems to have gained new momentum. Thousands of protesters rallied outside Planned Parenthood clinics over the weekend. Republicans in Congress and on the presidential campaign trail are demanding a crackdown on the organization. Several Republican governors have moved to cut off funds, including Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, a state with just two Planned Parenthood clinics that don’t even perform abortions.Read full article >>
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    seattlepi.com: Opinion & Commentary

  • Robert A. Brown

    21 Aug 2015 | 8:14 pm
    Just another weblog
  • J.A. Jance

    21 Aug 2015 | 6:00 am
    J.A. Jance is the New York Times bestselling author of both the J. P. Beaumont series and the Joanna Brady Series. She has written 40 novels and she has more than 10 million copies of her books in print. Visit her Web site: JAJance.com.
  • Vivian McPeak

    12 Aug 2015 | 10:42 am
    Vivian McPeak is a Pacific Northwest based musician and social justice activist. He is also the executive director of the world's largest cannabis policy reform rally, Seattle Hempfest.
  • Candace Calloway Whiting

    10 Aug 2015 | 3:20 pm
    Candace Calloway Whiting has studied and trained dolphins, seals, and orca whales. She is currently a volunteer at the Center for Whale Research at Friday Harbor.
  • Chuck Wolfe

    19 Jul 2015 | 11:18 pm
    Chuck Wolfe is an environmental and land use lawyer with a graduate degree in regional planning, and over 24 years of experience in environmental and land use law, innovative land use regulatory tools and sustainable development techniques.
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  • Letters: Commenting on Virginia shooting

    Times-Union readers
    27 Aug 2015 | 12:17 pm
    SOCIAL SECURITY Examining solutions The country is bankrupt. The richest nation in the world is $18 trillion in debt. President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society has devastated the country. The only things that have grown since LBJ was president are poverty, prisons, murders and anarchy. Presently, Social Security is on the verge of collapse. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a candidate for the Republican nomination for president, made two suggestions seeking to preserve Social Security. read more
  • Lead Letter: How to breach the Rodman dam

    Times-Union reader
    27 Aug 2015 | 12:17 pm
    In response to a recent Ron Littlepage column, breaching the Rodman dam and freeing up the Ocklawaha River is an educational issue. Most people who were around in the 1960s remember the fishing as being better at the time. In addition, bass fishing in the St. Johns River and at Lake George is rated higher than the fishing in Lake Ocklawaha. The lake needs to be drained and mucked every three to four years; this is an expensive process and is not a sign of a healthy waterway. read more
  • City's system for providing grants to nonprofits is broken

    Times-Union Editorial
    27 Aug 2015 | 12:16 pm
    What happens when good intentions meet up with extremely dysfunctional operating procedures? You get something that produces the current problems that plague the city’s Public Service Grants Council. Here are just a few of them: ■ Ideally, there should be 13 members on the Public Service Grants Council, a volunteer panel responsible for distributing the money that the city budgets each year to support local nonprofits and social agencies across Jacksonville. But at one point over the last year, the number of participating panelists dropped to merely four. read more
  • Tonyaa Weathersbee: Marches alone are no solution for injustice

    Tonyaa Weathersbee
    26 Aug 2015 | 12:07 pm
    If nothing else when critics say that African-Americans don’t care about murder and violence in their communities, events like “Quench the Violence” can prove them wrong. This past Saturday, the Rev. Robert LeCount, along with several other ministers and volunteers, handed out bottles of cold water to people along a 5.5 mile stretch of Moncrief Road. Moncrief is one of the city’s deadliest streets, and LeCount told the Times-Union that giving out water was his way of urging people to “chill out” and think before turning to violence. read more
  • Letters: Tax Credit Scholarships help students without harming public schools

    Times-Union readers
    26 Aug 2015 | 12:06 pm
    TAX CREDIT SCHOLARSHIPS Public schools aren’t hurt I can share some good news with Julie Delegal, who wrote in a Times-Union opinion column that a 14-year-old Florida scholarship for low-income children would be best handled by a private charity. It already is. read more
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    Op-Eds - Baltimore Sun

  • Liberal hypocrisy on the subject of constitutional tinkering

    Jonah Goldberg
    27 Aug 2015 | 12:35 pm
    When is it outrageous to amend the Constitution?
  • Why do poor kids get more cavities?

    Sarah Uehara
    27 Aug 2015 | 9:48 am
    Despite decades of community water fluoridation, fluoride toothpaste use, improvements in nutrition and hygiene education, dental caries - also known as cavities - remain the most common childhood disease in America. They lead to pain, infections, nutritional deficits, lack of sleep, poor concentration,...
  • Cancer cuts are too deep

    Denise Gooch
    27 Aug 2015 | 9:43 am
    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently unveiled proposed changes to their payment approach for cancer care services delivered to American seniors. Hidden within the complicated language and updated payment codes lies a harsh reality for community-based oncology centers and, more...
  • A path to work for ex-offenders

    Peter Cove
    27 Aug 2015 | 9:22 am
    Baltimore has some problems, but it also harbors proven solutions. Crime and poverty penetrate all levels of the city, yet there is a remedy right under our noses. America Works, a private for-profit company with funding by the Abell Foundation, has pioneered a successful strategy for getting ex-offenders...
  • A dirt bike Grand Prix?

    Paul Marx
    27 Aug 2015 | 9:22 am
    It's against the law. Everyone knows it. And that's a big part of the fun - challenging the police by breaking the law with a dirt bike. It's being done in cities like Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia - but especially Baltimore.
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    Post-Gazette -- OPINION

  • For better baseball in the postseason, change the playoff system

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    Although I’ve never lived in Pittsburgh, my family is from there and I consider it my “ancestral home.” I’ve been a Pirates/​Steelers fan all my life. So I have significant heartburn with the current playoff system. Under it, the team with the second-best record in all of baseball — the Pirates — could be out of the playoffs before they really get started. In the Wild Card “one and done” game (which I detest) one bad pitch, an error or a bad umpire call can kill an outstanding season.
  • Albert R. Hunt: An unexpected option for Dems

    By Albert R. Hunt
    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    If Joe Biden was trying to unsettle Hillary Clinton by meeting with Elizabeth Warren over the weekend, here’s a way to really rattle her: Pick the Massachusetts senator as his presidential running mate and announce it now.
  • Compromise, already: Leaders in both parties are hurting Pennsylvania

    By the Editorial Board
    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    With the Republican-controlled Legislature’s latest attempt to enact a budget now fizzled, would the leaders in Harrisburg please stop playing politics and pass a spending plan?
  • The Zoological Association of America is committed to animal welfare and public safety

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    I am writing in response to the Aug. 21 editorial “Seal of Approval: Pittsburgh’s Zoo Is Wrong to Give Up Accreditation.” The editorial criticized the zoo for forfeiting its accreditation from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) over how its keepers handle elephants.
  • Vick’s redemption: The QB has paid his debt, so let the Steelers benefit

    By the Editorial Board
    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    To know how much Pittsburgh loves dogs, Michael Vick need only walk a few steps from Heinz Field to see the statue of Rocco, the police dog fatally stabbed by a criminal in January 2014.
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    The Orange County Register - News Headlines : Opinion

  • Letters: Koch brothers trying to stop cronyism

    27 Aug 2015 | 10:48 am
    Re: “Kochs’ Disingenuous Attack on Cronyism” [Opinion, Aug. 14]: Another day, another pitiful ad hominem attack on Charles and David Koch. The latest examples comes from Jennifer Muir, who baselessly criticized their opposition to crony...
  • Deal with it: Those born here are U.S. citizens

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    The Constitution and the holdings of the Supreme Court are clear: All persons born in the United States are citizens, regardless of whether their parents are citizens or even in the country illegally. Donald Trump made headlines when he said that, as...
  • The long, slow death of the rule of law in America

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    The most disturbing aspect of the scandal around Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server during her tenure as secretary of state is not the former first lady’s penchant for secrecy. In fact, we all ought to be a little taken aback that...
  • Red-light cameras hanging on in O.C.

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    Orange County was nearly free of red-light cameras. Los Alamitos and Garden Grove, the last holdouts using the dubious traffic safety devices, crashed the party by renewing their contracts with their camera operator. The Garden Grove council chose...
  • Cartoons: China's limp economy

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 am
    Also: Hillary's classfied emails lead to classified advertisement.
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    Arkansas Online stories: Opinion and Letters*

  • Federal policies vary

    27 Aug 2015 | 2:06 am
    It was another one of those Good Lord stories the newspaper publishes with some regularity these days. Can people really be so foolish? Answer: Why, yes. So you read, shake your head, and mutter, "Good Lord."
  • Let 'em into the fight

    Chicago Tribune
    27 Aug 2015 | 2:04 am
    Through nine brutal weeks of the Army's Ranger School, 94 soldiers--brothers-in-arms all--witnessed history, when they weren't too exhausted to notice: the first two female candidates to complete the rigorous training required to wear the black-and-gold Ranger tab.
  • The lady and the Trump

    <StaffMember: Thomas Sowell>
    27 Aug 2015 | 2:03 am
    Despite a nuclear Iran looming on the horizon, the media seem to be putting most of their attention on two candidates for their respective parties' presidential nominations next year. Moreover, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each make their own parties nervous.
  • Investors need a timeout

    WILLIAM PESEK, Bloomberg News
    27 Aug 2015 | 2:02 am
    On the way to remaking mainland China's economy, President Xi Jinping has hit many roadblocks: vested interests, a change-averse Communist Party, local officials accustomed to the status quo. Who knew the real barrier would be foreign investors?
  • Need to recommit

    Tom Cotton, Special to the Democrat-Gazette
    27 Aug 2015 | 1:55 am
    Earlier this month, I traveled to East Asia to consult with many foreign leaders and U.S. military commanders. But the most poignant meeting I had was with a young Korean soldier.
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  • Mercury News editorial: Sunnyvale should act fast on homeless shelter

    <p class="Byline">Mercury News Editorial</p>
    27 Aug 2015 | 4:15 pm
    The Sunnyvale City Council has an opportunity Tuesday to show cynics that government actually can move fast to solve a problem and do the right thing.In this case, the right thing is saving lives with a temporary homeless shelter in the face of what's shaping up as an epic El Niño -- and protecting a struggling neighborhood of working people from what they see as one more example of government letting them down.The city council should approve locating Santa Clara County's proposed shelter on land the city owns at the former Onizuka Air Force Station, which is on multiple transit lines,…
  • Mercury News editorial: Celebrate bullet train heroes and mourn Wednesday's murder victims

    <p class="Byline">Mercury News Editorial</p>
    27 Aug 2015 | 6:05 am
    Just once, could we have a few days to celebrate a heroic triumph over violence before the next senseless shooting intervenes?On Wednesday, as three former high school buddies from Carmichael still were basking in international praise for their lifesaving heroism on a Paris-bound train last week, a former Bay Area man gunned down a Virginia television reporter and a cameraman on the air, killing them and injuring another woman.The Virginia gunman, who later killed himself, was an angry former employee, not a possible terrorist with an AK 47 on a train. But the horror of what happened to…
  • Mercury News editorial: Crude oil trains too dangerous for Bay Area cities

    <p class="Byline">Mercury News Editorial</p>
    26 Aug 2015 | 9:11 am
    On a quiet July morning in 2013, a 72-car freight train carrying crude oil derailed in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, population 5,932. The explosion obliterated the downtown, killing 47 people.It was no isolated event. Accidents involving trains hauling crude oil have surged in the past three years -- four just within a one-month period in North America earlier this year, causing fires and poisoning the air and ground.Yet if Phillips 66 gets its way, mile-long trains carrying 2 million gallons of crude will roll on aging tracks through Milpitas and San Jose five times a week. The trains will pass…
  • Mercury News editorial: Death with dignity bill would have saved Jennifer Glass from drowning

    <p class="Byline">Mercury News Editorial</p>
    24 Aug 2015 | 4:23 pm
    It took more than five days for Jennifer Glass to drown in her own lung fluid. She was in terrible pain from pervasive cancer even before her lungs began to fill, her husband, Harlan Seymour, told the San Mateo Daily Journal, so she never got to say a peaceful goodbye before she died Aug. 11.People who know they are about to die in anguish, as Glass did, should be able to make the humane choice that modern medicine gives them and that many doctors support. When pain killers no longer help, dying individuals who are of sound mind should be able to choose to take a prescription drug and die…
  • Mercury News editorial: Obama labor secretary needs to release Bay Area transportation money

    <p class="Byline">Mercury News Editorial</p>
    22 Aug 2015 | 3:36 pm
    Enough is enough. The Obama administration needs to end its outrageous undermining of Gov. Jerry Brown's modest California pension law changes.For 21/2 years now, the U.S. Department of Labor has threatened to cut off federal funding for transit districts that follow the new state rules. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez claims that the 2012 changes violate workers' collective bargaining rights.A federal judge at the end of last year ruled that position was "arbitrary and capricious." But Perez isn't backing down. He issued a new finding last week, using old and new arguments to…
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    Toledo Blade Latest Headlines

  • Kardashian fireworks show irks residents

    27 Aug 2015 | 5:47 pm
    LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe will present a motion next Tuesday calling for an investigation into a loud midweek fireworks show, reportedly at a boat party thrown by Khloe Kardashian, that angered thousands of beachside residents.
  • Walrus come ashore in Alaska

    27 Aug 2015 | 5:35 pm
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Pacific walrus have come ashore on the northwest coast of Alaska in what has become an annual sign of the effects of climate change.
  • Dallas police fatally shoot man

    27 Aug 2015 | 4:31 pm
    A Dallas police officer shot and killed a robbery suspect on Thursday who was armed with a box cutter and fought with officers while attempting to evade arrest, police said.
  • Kent State professor arrested

    27 Aug 2015 | 4:29 pm
    A Kent State University English professor was arrested Wednesday night after being accused of driving to an Akron elementary school to have sex with a teenage boy he met online, police say.
  • Obama visits New Orleans

    27 Aug 2015 | 3:17 pm
    NEW ORLEANS - President Barack Obama on Thursday heralded the progress New Orleans has made rebuilding since Hurricane Katrina battered the area 10 years ago but said more needed to be done to overcome poverty and inequality.
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    TribLIVE Opinion Stories RSS Feed

  • Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances

    27 Aug 2015 | 6:55 pm
    Laurel: To Chatham University. It began a new era this week. For the first time in its 146 years, men are part of the student ...
  • Taking the dirty bomb threat seriously

    27 Aug 2015 | 6:55 pm
    Amid a campaign of terror that has included beheadings and suicide bombings, recent reports that ISIS extremists may have stolen enough material for a radioactive ...
  • Greensburg Laurels & Lances

    27 Aug 2015 | 6:55 pm
    Lance: To the Westmoreland Manor tap dance, Part II. County commissioners last week wouldn’t release details of a state inspection of the county-owned nursing home. ...
  • Tax credit boosts jobs

    27 Aug 2015 | 6:55 pm
    In response to Jason Cato’s news story “Pennsylvania senators back multiyear film tax incentive”: First-time visitors to a movie set are always surprised at the ...
  • Trump & free speech

    27 Aug 2015 | 6:55 pm
    Today, “You can’t handle the truth” — the infamous line from the movie “A Few Good Men” — is coming from Donald Trump. The left, ...
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    Comment is free | The Guardian

  • Don't believe the hype. Coal employs fewer people than McDonald's | Ben Oquist

    Ben Oquist
    27 Aug 2015 | 5:21 pm
    If Tony Abbott wants to focus on jobs, he has to abandon his obsession with coal – a capital intensive industry that creates fewer jobs than the horse industryThe prime minister has repeatedly said that the next election should be about jobs. He has attempted to kick-start a new “economy versus environment” strategy in relation to a coal mining. According to the ABS a huge 0.3% of Australians are currently employed in coal mining. If the coal industry trebled in size tomorrow it still wouldn’t be enough to create jobs for the extra 101,900 people who have become unemployed since Tony…
  • Steve Bell on net migration to the UK – cartoon

    Steve Bell
    27 Aug 2015 | 2:17 pm
    Continue reading...
  • Labour leadership hustings: Guardian panellists' verdict

    Rafael Behr, John Harris and Anne Perkins
    27 Aug 2015 | 1:41 pm
    Rafael Behr, John Harris and Anne Perkins parse the contenders’ positions following Thursday evening’s hustings Continue reading...
  • Why the tiger came to tea, and the cows typed | Emma Brockes

    Emma Brockes
    27 Aug 2015 | 12:10 pm
    Think children’s books are just children’s books? Read them out loud on endless repeat, and they’ll turn into The Inspector Calls or The Seventh SealA side-effect of having babies and reading them the same five books on endless repeat is that you start to see subtext where possibly there is none. Take the picture book Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. Clearly, Doreen Cronin’s story of Farmer Brown’s woes isn’t just a charming tale about a man and his cows. (Briefly: after the cows find a typewriter in the barn they start sending Farmer Brown notes, via the ducks, demanding fringe…
  • The Guardian view on David Cameron’s new peers: government of the club, by the club, for the club | Editorial

    27 Aug 2015 | 12:00 pm
    The prime minister’s packing of the Lords is egregious. Whether or not it is the intention, this shoddy show of patronage will undermine the houseDavid Cameron once described House of Lords reform as a “third term” priority. Well, before the election we learnt that he would serve only two terms – and then found out on Thursday that his second-term priority was packing the red benches with cronies. The prime minister who once promised a new politics is revealed as a shameless practitioner of the tawdry old art of government by patronage.Britain likes to imagine itself as governed…
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    Business and finance

  • The kindness of neighbours

    27 Aug 2015 | 7:43 am
    Turning his backIN THE semi-arid lowlands of Mufindi, in southern Tanzania, water is hard to come by. Villagers rely on irrigation to grow maize, potatoes and spinach. Informal and often woolly codes govern how much water each farmer diverts to their own fields, and how much they leave for their neighbours downstream. Some farmers, naturally, turn out to be more grasping than others. Economists typically see such decisions as irreducible: there is no accounting for individuals’ values and preferences. But a new study* investigates why there is such variation in generosity among Mufindi’s…
  • Wheelbarrows to the rescue

    27 Aug 2015 | 7:43 am
    YOU might think Godwin Emefiele, the governor of Nigeria’s central bank, had problems enough. The collapsing oil price has slashed Nigeria’s export earnings. Foreign reserves have fallen from more than $40 billion early last year to just over $30 billion now. In response Mr Emefiele (pictured) devalued the local currency, the naira, in November and again in February. The devaluations are stoking inflation. Like many other central bankers in commodity-exporting countries, he is faced with the unenviable choice of raising rates despite the damage to an already faltering economy, or leaving…
  • Core concern

    27 Aug 2015 | 7:43 am
    AFTER two years of remission, Japan seems likely to sink back into the “chronic disease” of deflation, as Haruhiko Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), calls it. New data are expected to show on August 28th that core CPI, the central bank’s preferred indicator of inflation, turned negative in July for the first time since the bank launched a big programme of quantitative easing (printing money to buy bonds) in April 2013 (see chart). At the time, it pledged to lift inflation to 2% in two years.The news will heap further pressure on the BoJ to ease monetary policy yet more…
  • Non-profit paradise

    27 Aug 2015 | 7:43 am
    Frond managementJUST off the west coast of Florida lies the sun-drenched island of Little Bokeelia. It is blessed with cascading waterfalls, tennis courts, pools and a Spanish-style villa. Despite such enticing features, the island languished on the market for three years, before selling in July for a mere $14.5m—half the original asking price.Little Bokeelia is not the only island that is proving hard to shift. In the Bahamas, where prices per acre are among the world’s highest, hundreds of atolls lie unbought. The price of undeveloped islands, which make up around 80% of the market, has…
  • Off the block

    27 Aug 2015 | 7:43 am
    THE first item sold on eBay, an online marketplace, was a broken laser pointer, which was snapped up for $14.83 in September 1995. By 2002 eBay had hosted nearly $15 billion of transactions and had more registered users than Britain had people. Yet the fad for online auctions faded almost as quickly as it appeared. Only 20% of sales on eBay, which turns 20 on September 3rd, now involve auctions.At eBay’s inception, users could sell things only by auction. This was tremendously exciting for economists, who love the things for their ability to magic prices out of thin air and to allocate…
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    Le Monde diplomatique - English edition

  • Coal dethroned

    Laura Gottesdiener
    27 Aug 2015 | 10:00 am
    In Appalachia, explosions have leveled the mountain tops into perfect race tracks for Ryan Hensley's all-terrain vehicle (ATV). At least, that's how the 14-year-old sees the barren expanses of dirt that stretch for miles atop the hills surrounding his home in the former coal town of Whitesville, West Virginia. “They're going to blast that one next,” he says, pointing to a peak in the distance. He's referring to a process known as “mountain-top removal,” in which coal companies use explosives to (...) - Open page
  • Playing the long game on Iran

    David Bromwich
    24 Aug 2015 | 2:38 am
    “We're going to push and push until some larger force makes us stop.” David Addington, the legal adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, made that declaration to Jack Goldsmith of the Office of Legal Counsel in the months after September 11, 2001. Goldsmith would later recall that Cheney and Addington were the first people he had ever met of a certain kind: “Cheney is not subtle, and he has never hidden the ball. The amazing thing is that he does what he says. Relentlessness is a quality I saw (...) - Open page
  • “The Iranian threat”

    Noam Chomsky
    22 Aug 2015 | 5:40 am
    Throughout the world there is great relief and optimism about the nuclear deal reached in Vienna between Iran and the P5+1 nations, the five veto-holding members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany. Most of the world apparently shares the assessment of the U.S. Arms Control Association that “the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action establishes a strong and effective formula for blocking all of the pathways by which Iran could acquire material for nuclear weapons for more than a generation (...) - Open page
  • Seventy years of military mediocrity

    William J. Astore
    21 Aug 2015 | 4:09 am
    Thomas Jefferson Hall, West Point's library and learning center, prominently features two quotations for cadets to mull over. In the first, Jefferson writes George Washington in 1788: “The power of making war often prevents it, and in our case would give efficacy to our desire of peace.” In the second, Jefferson writes Thomas Leiper in 1815: “I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us that the less we use our power, the greater it will be.” Two centuries ago, Jefferson's points (...) - Open page
  • California first

    William deBuys
    20 Aug 2015 | 3:37 pm
    Long ago, I lived in a cheap flat in San Francisco and worked as the lone straight man in a gay construction company. Strangely enough, the drought now strangling California brings back memories of those days. It was the 1970s. Our company specialized in restoring the Victorian “gingerbread” to the facades of the city's townhouses, and I got pretty good at installing cornices, gable brackets, and window hoods, working high above the street. What I remember most, though, is the way my (...) - Open page
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    nzherald.co.nz - Opinion

  • China pays the price of change

    27 Aug 2015 | 2:30 pm
    Bouts of Sino-centric angst are liable to become a recurrent feature of global financial markets.If the Chinese economy is heading, not for a nice smooth soft landing, but for something more undercarriage-buckling, it would not...
  • TVNZ sniffs out joint ventures

    27 Aug 2015 | 2:29 pm
    Privatisation is unlikely, but the Government is looking at other ways for TVNZ to get friendly with the private sector.The state broadcaster has signalled that it wants more joint ventures with companies in this country and overseas.Chief...
  • It's a national mess, so let MPs fix it

    27 Aug 2015 | 2:26 pm
    What a cop-out. After decades of dithering, the politicians have tossed the Easter trading hot potato to local councils and told them to do their worst.The chairman of the Auckland Council's regulations and bylaws committee, Callum...
  • Cup in need of overhaul at all levels

    27 Aug 2015 | 2:14 pm
    Once more but with some feeling. The Rugby World Cup needs an overhaul to eliminate the mismatches, the lopsided pools and the protracted itinerary.Matches stretch across more than six weeks from England's start against Fiji to...
  • Paul Thomas: Ashley Madison hack leaves no stomach unchurned

    27 Aug 2015 | 2:11 pm
    Let's see if we can get our heads around this hacking business. Hacking is good if it:• Exposes the sinister and authoritarian activities of our centre-right, socially liberal Government.• Reveals that said Government...
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    Project Syndicate RSS-Feed

  • Pope Francis in America

    Chris Patten
    27 Aug 2015 | 8:30 am
    The moral authority that Pope Francis exudes makes his interventions in controversial contemporary issues extremely powerful. Before and during his upcoming visit to the US, his views on three issues – none of which is without controversy in the US – will have a particularly strong impact.
  • Another Great Leap Forward for Development

    Javier Solana
    27 Aug 2015 | 7:30 am
    Next month, the world will achieve a milestone for global development efforts. The UN General Assembly will adopt the Sustainable Development Goals, an ambitious set of global objectives expected to improve the lives of millions of people by 2030.
  • North Korea’s Endgame

    Christopher R. Hill
    27 Aug 2015 | 6:20 am
    It is easy to understand why many analysts have begun to focus on what North Korea’s demise might mean for political arrangements on the Korean Peninsula. At some point, and in some as-yet-undefined way, the People's Democratic Republic will be unable to function, and the Republic of Korea will become the successor state.
  • A Financial Early-Warning System

    Nouriel Roubini
    27 Aug 2015 | 4:30 am
    Recent market volatility – in emerging and developed economies alike – is showing once again how badly ratings agencies and investors can err in assessing countries’ economic and financial vulnerabilities. More than ever, the world needs an early-warning system for financial tsunamis.
  • Diplomacy at the Top of the World

    James F. Collins, et al.
    26 Aug 2015 | 8:20 am
    Geopolitical tensions between Russia and the West have been running high in recent years, but there remain areas where constructive cooperation and dialogue remain possible. These include issues critical to the Arctic, such as maritime safety, energy development, responses to oil spills, and fisheries management.
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  • Sorry Charlie

    27 Aug 2015 | 1:52 pm
    “Hey Starkist, send the tuna without the cans.” The post Sorry Charlie appeared first on Baby Bummers Cartoons.
  • Moo Boos

    27 Aug 2015 | 8:26 am
    “It’s National Burger Day — Like we need more stress?” The post Moo Boos appeared first on Baby Bummers Cartoons.
  • #NationalDogDay

    26 Aug 2015 | 12:35 pm
    “You’re my best pal, my confidant & my designated driver.” The post #NationalDogDay appeared first on Baby Bummers Cartoons.
  • Nope

    18 Aug 2015 | 10:39 am
    ” I was born in ’83 and you got your degree in ’83… That’s awesome.” The post Nope appeared first on Baby Bummers Cartoons.
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  • Avventure e disavventure per muoversi in Italia

    Carmen Russo
    27 Aug 2015 | 12:01 pm
    Photo Credit: Fabio Passaro via Compfight cc Quasi quotidianamente appare una notizia sui giornali italiani riguardante i problemi dei trasporti in Italia. A fare da padrone sui rotocalchi locali è soprattutto il trasporto pubblico su rotaia. Ritardi, scioperi e disagi causati dallo stato dei convogli sono i principali motivi che muovono, è proprio il caso di dire, le lamentele dei fruitori dei servizi. IL TRENO DEI DESIDERI Iniziare a raccontare le avventure che si possono fare sui trasporti italiani è come iniziare la storia dell’umanità: si cerca ancora di capire quando sia iniziata…
  • El fenómeno urbano, difuminando las relaciones de poder

    Pablo Sánchez
    27 Aug 2015 | 11:09 am
    Los rayos del Sol advierten un día de verano más en Madrid, y con él, nuevos aires de cambio. Tras las últimas elecciones al municipio y a la comunidad autónoma, el panorama político español se ha renovado de forma inesperada en algunas localidades, y todavía las “dos capitales” del país se encuentran en shock postraumático: Barcelona y Madrid. Con la victoria pactada de Ada Colau y Manuela Carmena y sus respectivas coaliciones, nos encontramos ante un futuro incierto, seguro, pero sí podemos sacar una serie de puntos clave como colofón de las campañas realizadas y las…
  • Best Books for Winter

    Holly Woolnough
    27 Aug 2015 | 9:30 am
    Dickens at Christmas – Charles Dickens No one writes about winter more evocatively than Dickens. His depictions of London in the snow are the perfect combination of fairy tale setting mixed with the grittier, harder characters and plotlines that are to be expected from any Dickens story. A collection such as Dickens at Christmas combines his full length winter stories, such as A Christmas Carol, with wintery extracts from his other novels. The descriptive nature of Dickens’ writing means that it’s easy to become immersed in his stories, and he leaves little to the imagination when…
  • Women Empowerment: A Solution to Global Poverty?

    Vicky Ge Huang
    27 Aug 2015 | 8:27 am
    Since the Suffragists’ days, the Women Empowerment Movement has come a long way. But how far will it go on a global scale? In many parts of the world, women are still prevented from enrolling in schools, opening bank accounts, driving and conducting many other normal daily activities. Although it seems that women empowerment has become an overused term in the mainstream media nowadays, the topic is still relevant due to the lack of changes and actions pertaining to the movement. From a moral and ethical point of view, gender equality should be the norm of any civilized society. The New York…
  • Auto-Stop Through Turkey: First-Hand Story

    Carmen Russo
    27 Aug 2015 | 6:00 am
    No trains, no buses, no schedules and no fixed place to spend the night. This is the philosophy of a group of young Turks who have created a Facebook page “Nonstop Otostop” to promote the spontaneous aggregation to travel around Turkey, strictly with backpackers and just one certainty: the destination. Traveling makes you feel free to explore, to meet other people, to develop a sense of trust and learn how recognize the danger. All these capacity doubles when the trip is done hitchhiking. Cappadocia, Turkey THE STORY Walking around Cappadocia, Turkey, in search of one of the most…
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